Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Saturday Wrapup!!! where I find a dress, strawberries, a sock teaser, a tiny fibro rant and a book report!

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Well, true to form, here I am. My first Saturday weekly wrap up post!

Monday was wonderful as I always meet with my bestest friend in the world for lunch and our weekly catch up session. We only get to see each other once a week, so it's a crazy 2 hours of sharing and laughing. This week I surprised her with a pre-birthday gift! A hand made (by a local artisan) sheep! This lovely little guy/gal is a black face Suffolk, whimsical face, one of a kind pottery piece. I should have taken a photo before giving the sheepy to my sis, oh well! Her birthday was yesterday so next Monday there will be more post birthday fun! And I hope to remember to bring my camera :)

The rest of the week, I worked on several projects, some I can't talk about, others I can. 

One project I'm almost done with is a pair of socks! actually, the 2nd pair of a sock pattern I designed. The second pair is going to a customer as soon as it's done which should be over the next couple of days. Here's a teaser :) Don't you just love that toe? and I know the colour looks kind of bland, but once you see these in the sun, they just sparkle!

A neighbour of mine (we met at my knit/cro group on Friday afternoons) had brought some of her crocheted things to show to the group and two of the items she brought were super cute! One is a kitty kat doll and the other is a mat made using rubber canning jar rings. I've seen similar mats in the past, but not like this one! I've managed to reverse engineer both on paper and will be experimenting with the pattern until I can figure them out properly. She told me that both were made a long time ago by a friend without the use of a pattern and after searching high and low on the internet and Ravelry, I've found neither. The lady told me she's had both for many years and has never seen the same since she got them 50 odd years ago! I bet you will love these :) I'll take photos of the originals so I have something to compare them to when I've finished remaking them.

Today I dropped by the farmer's market after my knit/cro group was done to pick up strawberries, tis the season after all. There were so many of them there; it was hard to choose! I finally got these, they were not the most expensive, but they looked like the most delicious and they are :) 
I love slicing them up over my cereal in the morning. It's a little luxury I can only afford when they are in season. For 2 large cartons I paid 1$ each! Now you can't beat that for fresh strawberries.
MmMmM good!!!!

On my way back through the mall, I walked by one of those everything for a dollar or more stores. I noticed a rack of clothing that held some little summer dresses and one dress caught my eye. So I walked over and looked at the size and it was my size! I then look for a price and I find one that says $4.99! I turn to the lady at the cash, hold up the dress and say $4.99? and she nods yes. Again, I say $4.99 since I'm not sure she heard me right and she says "yes, they are all 4.99. I couldn't believe my good fortune.It is so rare to find clothing that fits me properly and once I got the dress home, I slipped it on and wow! it fits perfectly and it actually looks nice on me!
I know, this isn't the greatest picture, but that's as good as it's going to get today.

The joys of fibromyalgia.... and I'm using the word joy sarcastically, believe me.
When the weather gets hot and sticky as it has a habit of doing in southern Ontario beginning in June and going all the way to the end of August, my fibro goes nuts. Burning skin, aching joints and muscles, fuzzed up brain, or my internal cooling system goes on the fritz and I end up with insane sweating for no reason, even in air conditioned locations! We don't have air conditioning in our apartment so on really bad days, if the fan in the apartment doesn't do it, I take the bus down to the local library. This means I'm packing a lunch, my knitting and/or crochet projects and planning on staying there until 6 pm. It's fun, but it's also not fun... all depends on if I can find a comfortable spot to spend the day, and if I haven't forgotten anything while packing. I'm thankful that the library has open areas where people can come in out of the humid heat. One day we'll have an apartment where we can have air conditioning!
And finally, what I'm reading.

I found a book by one of my favorite authors, Anne McCaffrey that I had not seen before! and no, it's not one done by her son. I don't like his writing at all. This is book one of the Twins of Petaybee trilogy entitled Changelings. 

I'll have to report back on how I liked or did not like it soon. I say this since I did not like the Powers trilogy which leads up to this one. But my most favorite of course is the Dragonriders of Pern followed closely by the Brawn & Brain ship series of books.

I hope you've enjoyed my first ever weekly wrap up post. Let me know!

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