Commissioned Work

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Here are some examples of pieces that have been commissioned by friends and family. If you are looking for a unique gift, please contact me at my email I will be more than happy to discuss with you what you would like to get.


Mr Chaco
This lovely puppet named Mr Chaco was crocheted for a friend of a friend who is going through chemo. She adores parrots and this was made in the hopes that he would cheer her up. The pattern for this parrot was purchased from the designer Melissa Mall.

Moebius shell and wristwearmers

 These were designed by me. Made for the wife of a friend as a Christmas present.

Moebius shell, head band and wristwarmers

His wife was so pleased, she ordered a second set with the addition of a headband.


This fellow was designed for a dear friend who absolutely adores monkeys!
He was well received to say the least.

He stands at about 12 inches complete with serape and hat.

Victorian Shoulder Warming Shawl

Both of these were ordered separately.
This one has ties at the neck along with appliqued roses on the front and back.

 This one has a button and loop at the neck and no appliques. A small broach was requested to match the shawl.

My own pattern design.

Snowflakes and Sugar hat scarf and mittens set

 The scarf was made from a pattern called Sugar scarf by designer SmoothFox. I designed the hat and mittens keeping the theme of snowflakes throughout. The little 3 year old girl who was the giftee also adores kittens. The kitten is my own design and was extremely well received. She takes her everywhere!


Kittykat Hat

These hats have been favorites amongst young people. They are the cutest thing to wear for any age! These can be made in whatever pair of colours wanted.

 My own pattern developed after many trial and errors to achieve the pointed ears when worn.

Elven hoodie

My daughter has always wanted an elven shaped hoodie. A coat warm enough to wear in spring and fall.
When she requested this coat, she included details like a deep hood and no wool! It also had to be longer in the arms than the usual size and longer in the body as well. 

She is absolutely thrilled with this hoodie and wears it all the time. Friends have asked where she bought it and she proudly states that her mother made it to her specifications!
The pattern is from the book  DomiKNITrix: Whip your Knitting into Shape and the designer is Jennifer Stafford.

Samm's Blues

These beautiful wristwarmers were knit for a dear friend who loves the color blue. The pattern is from Deborah Pulliam.

Frog Pond Baby blankets

My own design, made for twin boys. These are sized for a large crib. Can also be used to cover a car seat or serve as a wraparound in a stroller to keep baby cocooned in warmth and softness.

Shoulder warmer shawlette

These stylish shawlettes were made using the pattern found in One Skein Wonders. The designer is Margaret Ann Halas

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