Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Bookworm's Picks

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So many books to choose from, in fact an entire world of books that we can pick from, but what to review this week?!? 

Of all the crochet books I have, not counting stitch books of course, the one I cherish the most is Crochet Master Class co-authored by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss.

Mandala pillow
First, I think a lot of people misunderstand the title, thinking that it's a book that will teach you the most complicated stitches, patterns, etc... but to me, the title simply means that I will be learning from people who belong in the Crochet Master's class. Just like there are master chefs, woodworkers, glass blowers, and so on.

Bruges lace shawl
The book has 18 beautiful projects detailing specific crochet techniques. The photography is exquisite, the bios of each particular master of it's class opens a window into that designer's world. The projects selected for the reader are well explained with line by line prompts.

Slip stitch dress
I wanted a book that would plainly show me the differences between each crochet technique, expand my knowledge, and help me learn to do more unique crochet forms, many of which are not well published. The book even provides you with these master's e-mails, websites, workshop information and more so that you can pursue the next steps if you feel you've mastered the basics provided.

Tartan blanket
Whoever thought that tartan could not be crocheted. One of the best designers shows you exactly how to do it. Or that Bruges lace only looks complicated but is a breeze to make. There is even a section covering Irish crochet, another beautiful technique that has very little coverage in today's printed books.

I would strongly recommend this book if you are a beginner crocheter trying to find which technique you like best, an intermediate crocheter who has been looking for a way to bridge the gap to become advanced and well-rounded, or an advanced crocheter who wants to test their skills and knowledge. 

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