Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Bookworm's Picks

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I said I would review a knitting and/or crochet books this week.

The knitting and crochet books I love best since I design patterns are stitch collections. I have many of both in my collection but a series I turn to time and time again for inspiration is this one; a crochet series by Linda P. Schapper.

She did a fantastic job of collecting a huge variety of stitches, motifs, borders and put them into 3 books. Each stitch, motif, border is photographed and the pattern is numbered. It is clearly written and also well graphed out. The photos are clear and you can get a really good sense of how the stitch, motif or border will behave when used. What I especially like is that she did not attempt to name any of these. They are simply numbered and that to me is just perfect. Because I'm visual and tactile, I'd rather let the form and feel influence my choice than a name.

For any crocheter who is looking to build a solid foundation library of reference books, these 3 should be at the top of their list. I don't know what I would do without this collection. These can be purchases on Amazon.

Other stitch collections I turn to are from Japan. The inventiveness and attention paid to details when Japanese designers come up with new stitches, motifs, borders is nothing short of amazing. There are several online sites where you can buy Japanese books and I would highly recommend a browse through some of the Etsy shops or eBay stores that carry them.

PS. This review is made freely and I have not received any compensation for it. I am just sharing what I love about books!

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