Saturday, October 22, 2011

October, pumpkins, birthdays and skulls, oh my!

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Already past the halfway mark in October and already so many things have come to pass with more on it's way. 

My darling daughter and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary medieval style. Don't they look absolutely darling? They also went to dinner and a show at Medieval Times over the weekend and had a ball.

Over the next weeks, both of them will be celebrating their birthdays, my daughter's the 26th and her husband the 29th. I'm sure they will have a great birthday together :)

After that it's Hallowe'en. Trick or Treaters, dressing up, handing out candy, all the fun stuff. Unfortunately, living in a secure building, no kids come here. But it's still fun to go for a walk and see them all over the neighborhood, especially the wee ones. I hope the weather is warm on that night.
I remember when my daughter was 3, we were living in Cornwall and we decided that it would be ok for her to go trick or treating in the neighborhood. So wearing a homemade costume by yours truly, we set off down the street where all the neighbors knew who she was. She was so cute, wearing a red coat, red pants, black boots, and a black furry hat with red devil horns sticking out of it. Her face painted red. She was the cutest wee devil on the block! Unfortunately over the years, the photos were lost during various moves, otherwise I'd have one posted for everyone to see just how cute she was ;)
And what have I been doing during these past few weeks since I published my bangles pattern you ask?
Well, I've actually had the opportunity to follow a university level course in Humanities offered free by McMaster University as part of their pilot program to provide advanced education for those less fortunate who will never be able to afford a university education. And yes, I fall in that category sadly enough. So I've been busy with homework and research which I'm enjoying tremendously.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything else! I've been working on and testing a new pattern, one I will be publishing soon and will come in time for Hallowe'en. Since it will be a fast crochet, it can even be made in time for Hallowe'en costuming! So keep in touch, and you'll get to see the cool new hat I've designed!

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