Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever (new crochet pattern)

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As promised, I introduce you to my newest pattern!
I love strawberries, with milk, on their own, as jams and jellies, in pies, in shortcakes. Each of those reminds me of warm breezy summer days crouched over strawberry patches alongside my grandmother helping her to pick the wee wild strawberries for homemade goodness. I remember having a small tin pail, I think in it's former life it was a candy tin, with a piece of wire twisted at each end into holes that had been gently tapped in with a hammer and nail. My bucket was red and white, I can still see it in my mind. My grandmother would coach me on how to pick them without crushing the tiny berries and any that were crushed I was allowed to eat. So you can guess in those first years, more berries went into my tummy than in my tin pail. But the years went by and each summer I picked more and more berries to contribute to the breakfast jams and the holiday pies. Fast forward to 1985, finally my own daughter is old enough to come with her Mom to pick strawberries. I could replay that reel in my mind, mimicking my grandmother's way of teaching, watching my 4 year old daughter smeared with strawberry juice trying to pick one without crushing it and silently thanking my grandmother for her patient teaching of an art that is quickly disappearing.

I present you this, my Strawberry Fields Forever Hat in remembrance of my grandmother's patient teachings. The hat comes in 3 sizes, from preemie/newborn to toddler/child. You may add the stem and curlicues or just leave it plain with the plump strawberry hem. Either way, the hat makes a lovely sun protector and worn while strawberry picking, would be the beginning of a collection of precious memories for a child and parent to share.


The best way to judge if a hat will fit is to measure the intended child's head just above the ears for the circumference and from the crown of the head to the base of the ear lobe for the height which will give the best fit. Otherwise, follow the guidelines below for an approximate fit if the child cannot be measured. 

P/N (Preemie/Newborn /3 mth) - 11.4 cm (4.5")high by 35.3 cm (13.5") circumference
B (Baby) - 15.2 cm (6"0 high by 40.6 cm (16") circumference
T/C (Toddler/Child) - 17.8 cm (7") high by 50.8 cm (20") circumference 

Red Heart Super Saver 4-ply for main color (MC) Hot Red (P?N, B 1 ball, T/C 1.5 balls
Bernat Super Value 4-ply for contrast color (CC) Kelly (*(P/N, B 0.5 ball, T/C 9.75 ball)
Amounts of yarn are approximate as any brand of 4-ply yarn can be substituted.
A great project for using up small amounts of stashed yarn. 

Hook: 5 mm (H)
Darning needle 

DIFFICULTY LEVEL Advanced beginner to Intermediate


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