Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Shine Bangles (Crochet Pattern)

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The bangle tree!

 This instalment is continuing on the theme of bangles as jewelry and wristwarmers for all seasons. And now that Christmas is staring at us, and we know we haven't got all the stocking stuffers! Here's a quick project for you to make.

I'm not big on lots of jewelry, but I also like to keep my wrists warm. This pattern is one of those flashes of genius that hits when needed the most. Make a fashion statement and keeping your wrists warm; these double as actual wearable jewelry!

Perfect fit for all wrists
Add beads or just make them plain. The star stitch makes a very pretty bangle on it's on. Also a fantastic way to use those super special mini skeins we all keep in our stash. I hope you enjoy making this bangle as much as I have.

As requested by a friend
And it's so quick! You can dash off several in an evening!

Please follow this link or go to the one in my sidebar to purchase this pattern for only 1$!!

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